The service options we offer are usually based on the amount you invest.

Our typical charging structures are:

Active Service (with regular annual reviews)

Initial fee at start of service is 1.00% of the investment made (subject to minimum of £600)
Ongoing Fee - 1% per year of of funds invested. (subject to minimum of £600 per year)

Transactional Service

Initial fee as per Active Client above.


Our “Active Service” is very popular offering Face to Face advice (when possible or by video call) and ongoing annual reviews to make sure that your investments are meeting your expectations.

Our information gathering and Initial consultation is without cost to you! This is for us establish your objectives and to assess how we can best help you. It is important in this discovery meeting to find out if our relationship can be profitable for both adviser and client. This consultation usually starts with the gathering of information prior to a face to face meeting that will take no longer than an hour.